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Jan 29 – March 12


Dear Friends, Colleagues, Mentors,

It is with great appreciation that we present “The Rachel Libeskind Society,” opening tomorrow evening, Thursday Jan. 29th @ 6 PM (whiskey & donuts, good beer).

Rachel’s exhibition will be our last exhibition as a commercial arts enterprise.

The integrity of the industry that we entered into many years ago feels lost. The Art World’s historical commitment to exploring the authentic human experience has been mostly replaced by an interest in exploring fame and Warholian success.

As a gallery, we have felt the instinct to change our model for over a year. The merger between Pocket Utopia and Hansel & Gretel Picture Garden symbolized our mutual commitment to expand beyond the current dynamic of the Art World, and to seek a more righteous path together.

Given what we have built as a gallery, it has required courage to let go of a dying model in search of a new and flourishing future. We invite Patrons of the Arts to join us on this journey.

We applaud those who have served the visual arts in New York and abroad uncorrupted by self interest. We are witness to your struggle and your energy. We salute you.

Hansel and Gretel Pocket Utopia will be announcing the nature of its new operations in the coming months.

Austin, Jason and Sarah

Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden Pocket Utopia is located at 511 w. 22nd Street, NYC. Hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 12:00 am – 6pm and by appointment.

For further information or visuals please call Sarah Christian, Jason Vartikar or Austin Thomas at 212-729-3011